GAND BACKLINE SERVICES – 630-509-2675  –

WE DELIVER- plenty of trucks from small vans for hard to reach load-ins up to air ride Peterbuilt touring rigs.

WE HAVE TECHS- if you need a specialist on site to man your guitar boat or program your synth, set up your drum kit, we’ve got em.

WE SUPPLY TOURS: call us for your next tour quote. We can supply everything for a week to a season including IN-EAR monitors and consoles.

FLY DATES: coming into the Midwest for one night? We’ve got you covered. We are minutes from O’Hare airport.

AIRLINE LOST YOUR GEAR: call us from O’HARE- we’re right around the corner and can put together your specs in no time.

HARD TO FIND: banjos, accordions, effects pedals, Buttkickers, left handed guitars and basses, grand piano shells and more.

Don’t pay East and West coast prices when you can get it all right here and save on shipping costs. We are minutes from O’Hare and can pick you and your travel gear up too.

EMAIL your current rider for a quote: